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Customize Software Development

General Computer Solutions is expert in software development area for long time.

We have many case study for many customer 

-MariaDB Developing

-MySQL Developing

-MS SQL Developing


Autocad 2022(3D) release with high performance to improve your graphic ability help you  to achive design job.

Microsoft  Office 2019 Standard/Pro  Open License   13,200 THB/License at Lease 5 Licenses

Microsoft  Windows 11 Pro  Open License 


Autocad 2019(3D)



Autocad 2011 Price
190,000 THB


Autocad Upgrade

Upgrade from 2019 to 2020

86,000 THB
Upgrade from 2018 -2019 LT to 2020LT 40,000 THB


Microsoft Windows Server 2021 Standard
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Sale  Price
WindowsSvr Std 2019 x64 ENG OEM DVD 8Cores 
27,000 THB


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft Windows 7  Sale  Price
Windows 10 x64 ENG DVD 4,000 THB

Where to buy these software in Bangkok ,Thailand:Call 081-8273787  international (speak english)  






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