IT Service Design , Setup and Integrate IT System in Bangkok

  • Truely Responsive Service.

  • Remote access in 5 mins

  • Emergency case staff will visit in 3 Hours

  • One Touch Contact,Smart Chat  available  with direct smart  phone  ,Line Group  Help Desk

  • Single Rate Charge ,no additional  charge for international  client.

  • IT Maintenance Agreement Yearly. 

  • With specialist IT Out Source Team Work .

  • Locale Service  with yearly contract.Handy support in Bangkok and vicinity  site  for international IT partner company that don't have office or staff in Thailand.  

  • Yearly Maintenance Agreement IT Service.

  • 1. Survey all network compoent ,PC,Server,Software CCTC,Finger Scan to find out upcoming  diaster risk.

  • 2. Promote network security to another level.

  • 3.Install hight security antivirus software with automatic update,realtime scan,automatic flash drive scan,web scan,email scan.

  • 4.Install and correct Windows Update,Software security update.

  • 5.Config file sharing ,permission and security ,Create Active Directory Domain Controller. (AD)

  • 5.Check hardware status for the preventive maintenance.

  • 6.Check and config Network Hard such as Ethernet,Switch,Router,Wireless AP .Create VLAN ,QOS,Subnet if neccesary

  • 5. Create preventive maintenance schedule.

  • Turnkey Service

  • Design ,Sale,Installation,Maintenance Agreement after sale service

  • Safe cost  and time than use many company service. Gruarantee everything work fine.


  • Enterprise IT Services 

  • Design and setup

      Fiber Optic Network

    • With single mode tecnology we can create fiber optice link up to 10GB  and distance up to 10 km system complied with Layer2/3 switch sfp/sfp+ .

    • Mail Server 
    • Hardware Server Sale and Installation with reliable product. We are authorize dealer for all server product.

    • Create on-site server with very high security antispam,virus scan plugin.

    • mail signature ,mailing list,commercial email pop3 imap

    • Web Site
    • setup web stie with top ranking in search engine. customize php database script
    • 1. Web Site Developed by ASP script  and working MS SQL ,MySQL Oracle,ProgressSQL
    • 2. Web Site Developed by ASP .Net  script  and working MS SQL ,MySQL Oracle,ProgressSQL
    • 3. Web Site Developed by PHP script  and working MS SQL ,MySQL Oracle,ProgressSQL
    • Web Server
    • 1. Web Server by IIS  run on Windows

    • 2. Web Server by Aphache run on Linux,Window,Mac 

    • Database Design
    • design suitable database for organization. 

    • Database Server

    • 1. Setup MS SQL Server,Oracle,MySQL,ProgressSQL with replication and automatic backup

    • File Server

    • setup file sharing in sever  ,grant appropiate permission for each user

    • Backup Service

    • 1.Automatice  Schedule Full Backup  Monthly,Weekly,Daily,Hourly

    • 2.Automatice  Schedule differential Backup  Monthly,Weekly,Daily,Hourly

    • 3.Automatice  Schedule Incremental Backup  Monthly,Weekly,Daily,Hourly

    • Backup Type Support

    • -Database Backup,Data File Backup ,System Backup

    • Redundancy Service

    • -Internet Server Failover and Load Balance setup

    • -Database Replication and Redundancy Setup and maintenance service

    • -Virtual Manchine Replication Service

    • -Network Spanning Tree Setup Service

Hot Fix on site service  for emergency case Accounting software support  in Bangkok Thailand

Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express  .DBX, .PST mailbox repair 

Cannot start Microsoft office outlook. Cannot open the outlook window

Setup mail server for Enterprise Network and Small Office Network .Design and customize database system for production, accounting and stock. Provide high performance file server with RAID (Redundance Array Inexpensive Disk).

Bangkok IT service for home user. ADSL internet setup, printer setup,wireless setup ,software installation,delivery computer component upgrade repair /replace

setup internet sharing print sharing home security wireless

Setup /Install Basic OS software,Microsoft Windows xp/Vista/7. Help your to secure your own infomation.Fix and diagnose your system both hardware as well as software

fix all problem.


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